Reduce Friction and Metal Fatigue, Get Replacement Plastics Now!


Plastics wear down fast. Have replacements on-hand and be ready when you need them. Order new sets of plastics today and don't be caught waiting!


All Plastic Orders of $1000 (USD) or more are 10% off!


Offer good until September 30, 2022.


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Make sure to check out our Press Core Rebuild Service Brochure, download it here!

Reduce Downtime

And Increase Efficiency! With our brand new Parts Package Plans, you save on costs and time with bundled replacement parts.   

Our parts packages are available at four different tiers, Basic, Basic-Plus, Extensive, and Comprehensive, ensuring we have a level that fits everyone's needs. Order your package and have replacement parts on-site when you need them. No delays on shipping times or dealing with office hours. Schedule periodic part top-ups so you are never caught waiting, then your customers will never be waiting on you.


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Keeping Tip Top Shape

Never experience the unexpected again with Hunterwood's Maintenance Program.  

Sign up for our Maintenance Program today and receive multiple, scheduled, service visits from a qualified Hunterwood Technician every year. Receive expert servicing and save on costs from unexpected equipment breakdowns, while keeping your machine's performance Tip Top!


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