The compact construction of the HB Series of forage presses will fit easily into most processing facilities. Designed as a standalone press or complement to an existing press, the HB series outputs Big Bales at 45" wide x 30" high x 43" long (114cm x 76cm x 109cm). With two models; the  mid-density HBT-6050 producing 315kg bales (alfalfa) and the high-density HB-19250 producing 474kg bales (alfalfa), and HB press appeals to those wishing to re-package their loose chaff, or those looking for a loose fed, big bale export level press capable of filling shipping containers to max weights with a high rate of production.

The HB Series offers our clients:


  • An advanced power pack with a 50 to 125 HP* electric motor for the HBT-6 model and 250 to 400 HP* electric motor for the HB-19 model designed for efficiency
  • A robust and reliable press core equipped with built-in wear plates for increased longevity and lower maintenance
  • Digital scaling to improve accuracy and provide excellent bale shape
  • Between 5 to 28MT/hour* peak performance bale processing rates

*Specifications are model dependent. See chart lower on page for further details. 




Click The Image Below To Play HB-6125 Video

With multiple Big Bale Presses in the HB Series, you can pick the one that will work best for your facility. Your facility needs, target customers and potential transportation charges will tell you if need a high or mid density output bale.  For information on some of your options, see the chart below!



*In certain conditions, actual performance may exceed the posted rates stated above. Posted rates are based on premium quality Alfalfa, in Metric Tons per hour (MT/hr). Actual machine performance may vary due to, but not limited to: Operator error, Operator input & output delays, bale output format & appearance, as well as forage type, quality, consistency, density, compressibility, moisture content & fibre length. Dimensions are measured in inches and are width x height x length.