See You Later Khartoum

OCTOBER 28 / Hunterwood

We regret to announce that due to recent events in Sudan, our install team, who arrived on site only a few days prior, have packed up and headed home.


Everyone at Hunterwood was extremely excited to be back in Sudan again to install P114 after a successful completion and commissioning of P111 in Port Sudan. Unfortunately, there are many events that are just not in our control. We pride ourselves in always being able to get the job done and finding solutions no matter the situation, however, there are some situations where we cannot risk it and must pull back.


On Monday October 25, 2021, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, leader of the Sudanese Military performed a successful coup and took over the government of Sudan. (News link here) Although it has been a mostly peaceful takeover so far, there is always a large risk with any transition. Which is why, prior to the coup occuring, when we here at Hunterwood heard reports of what might be happening in the coming days, we made the decision that our team was to come back home asap.


After 2 days in transit and an overnight in Montreal, all of our crew arrived home on Sunday October 24th, the day before the coup in Sudan.


We look forward to returning when it is safe to do so. We still have a job to do and clients to satisfy, but in the meantime, we are happy that we are all safe.