Hunterwood Helps To Feed The World

MAY 31 / Hunterwood

Hunterwood Helps To Feed The World

Over 3,500,000 Metric Tons (MT) of Forage is processed through Hunterwood Forage Compression machines every year. That is enough material to fill 135,000 sea-can shipping containers! Or enough to fill 135 average sized cargo ships! That is a lot of hay, straw and grass. Not all of it gets shipped overseas, but a lot of it goes towards providing feed for livestock animals.


The average beef cow consumes 3.7 MT of forage per year, and the average dairy cow can consume up to 7.3 MT of forage per year. Knowing this, we estimate that forages coming out of Hunterwood equipment goes on to feed nearly half a million dairy cows and roughly a million beef cattle every year, or more, considering beef cattle only spend about 3-6 months consuming forage at feedlots.



So we know how much livestock benefit from Hunterwood processed forage, but how does this translate to feeding the world? Well that takes a lot more math! The average dairy consumer will eat or drink about 95 kg of dairy products per year. Since the average dairy cow will produce upwards of 10,560 kg of dairy a year, one cow can satisfy the lactose needs of over 111 people. That means all the dairy cows fed by Hunterwood processed forage can provide nutrients for about 53,200,000 people around the world!



When it comes to beef cattle, anywhere between 500 and 2,500 people will consume nutrients from an average beef cow. The wide range accounts for beef sold for various purposes, cuts and in different markets around the globe. Even if we focus on the low end of the distribution, beef cattle that eat Hunterwood processed forage could provide protein nutrients to upwards of half a billion people per year!


All said and done, Hunterwood has a hand in providing nutrition for hundreds of millions of people every year. At the high end, we can estimate that nearly 14% of people around the globe benefit from Hunterwood equipment.


Hunterwood is proud to be such a large part of global nutrition as we do our part Feeding The World!