Chaff Press HB-6050
Standard Press Domestic Hay Processing

The HB-6050 Chaff Press is a standard press designed to compress chopped or loose product generated from a high-capacity export hay press or other loose forage sources.

The compact construction of the Chaff Press will fit easily into a production facility and is designed to stand alone or complement an existing press. This forage compactor will appeal to those processors wishing to re-package loose chaff into a sleeved bale to obtain higher densities than a standard field baler.

The output bale from the Chaff Press measures 45″ wide x 30″ high x 43″ long (114 cm x 76 cm x 109 cm) and weighs 300 kg, or 661 lbs. The base Chaff Press model has production output rates up to 6 MT/hr in alfalfa and will allow up to 18 MT in a container. With available upgrades, output bale weights can increase to 400 kg, or 881 lbs, with operating rates up to 10 MT/hr for a final container weight of 24 MT.


Focus Input Rated At* Output* Average Press Footprint
Domestic Hay Processing Chopped or loose hay 6 MT/hr 45″ x 30″ x 43″ bales at 300 kg 30′ x 50′ (9 m x 15 m)

*In certain conditions, actual performance may exceed the posted rates stated above. Posted rates are based on premium quality Alfalfa, in Metric Tons per hour (MT/hr). Actual machine performance may vary due to, but not limited to: Operator error, Operator input & output delays, bale output format & appearance, as well as forage type, quality, consistency, density, compressibility, moisture content & fibre length. Dimensions are measured in inches and are width x height x length.