Hunterwood Hay Presses

Hunterwood designs, fabricates, and manufactures equipment to compress baled and loose hay into mid-to-high density bales. Hunterwood hay presses are designed for export and domestic processors to optimize the storage and transportation of forages. Hunterwood provides the means for forage and feed processors to reach their global market.

Hunterwood hay presses accommodate two-tie bales, three-tie bales, large square bales (3′x3′, 3′x4′, 4′x4′), and loose hay. Fully customizable presses provide hay processors with a machine that is consistent and reliable. Output products include double-compressed 25 kg (55 lb) half-cut bales to large 450kg (992 lb) bales for feed and dairy markets. With output rates up to 30 Metric Tons per hour, Hunterwood hay presses are the most consistent and efficient forage compactors available on the market.

Hunterwood provides forage processors with effective and competitive solutions so that high-quality forages can reach their intended market.

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Export Hay Presses

Premium - FC10000

Full-Capacity - FC7700

3-Tie - FC8322

2-Tie - FC8222

Mid-Capacity - FC6700

Loose-Fed HBT10-250

Domestic Hay Presses

Chaff Press

Conversion Press - CVS100

Mid-Capacity - FC6700


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