Our Beginnings

Established in 1994, the founders of Hunterwood Technologies believed they could design and manufacture automated agricultural equipment that would bring benefit to growing agricultural industries.  Hunterwood entered into business through the development of  automated hay compression systems.  By taking an innovative and engineered approach to the design and fabrication of each component on every system, Hunterwood was able to capture the functional needs of high-output bale compression and launch into the global hay export market.

Hunterwood has grown into a complete industrial fabrication and agricultural equipment manufacturer based in Cochrane, Alberta.  All products are designed and manufactured to the highest production standards to meet our client’s needs.  Hunterwood’s full range of forage processing products ensure greater domestic and global transport efficiency for your top quality forages.

Operating for over 20 years, Hunterwood continues to provide clients with optimal custom solutions that will achieve production targets and will generate clear competitive advantages.  With Hunterwood Technologies, you get a quality guarantee, superior service and technical support, advantageous proximity, and a preferred partner.

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